Nsa Dada, PhD

**Founder** Entomologist and microbial ecologist fascinated with microbial interactions that underpin insect evolutionary responses to changes in their habitats. **_Open to learn more about Nsa, and how the consortium started_**

Natapong Jupatanakul, PhD

**Co-Founder** Molecular Biologist interested in disentangling the complex relationships between invertebrates and their associated microorganisms. **_Open to learn more about Natapong_**

Sarah Short, PhD

**Co-Founder** Ecological immunologist interested in the multi-faceted interactions between mosquitoes and microbes, and their implications for human pathogen transmission. **_Open to learn more about Sarah_**

Guillaume Minard, PhD

**Co-Founder** Molecular microbial ecologist fascinated with the ecology of interspecific interactions, with a focus on the dynamics of microbial communities in arthropod vectors. **_Open to learn more about Guillaume_**

Jewelna Akorli, PhD

**Co-Founder** Evolutionary geneticist and Entomologist interested in the underlying genetic and ecological factors that drive vector competence. **_Open to learn more about Jewelna_**

Luis Martinez Villegas, PhD

**Co-Founder** Biologist and Health Scientist interested in theoretical and empirical comparative metagenomics and microbial ecology. **_Open to learn more about Luis_**