Our Goals

We have established this initiative to collectively work on unravelling the role of the mosquito microbiome in mosquito biology, while critically evaluating its potential for mosquito borne disease control. Standardized methods of conducting mosquito microbiome research is urgently needed for this area of research to advance as it should. Our goal therefore, is to provide an accessible platform for streamlining methods in mosquito microbiome research; optimizing data quality, reproducibility, and comparability; and facilitating the extension of this area of research from laboratory to field applications. We recognize that this area of research is poorly represented in parts of the world where the burden of mosquito-borne diseases is highest. This platform also serves to facilitate more research in these areas, thereby increasing representation.

Our current focus include:

Developing guidelines for mosquito microbiome research

Establishing a mosquito microbiome data repository in collaboration with existing Bioinformatics Resource Centers

Bringing together a community of scientists with similar goals, with particular attention to broad representation of researchers from around the world, and especially those from areas with highest burdens of mosquito-borne diseases